3 Things to Consider this Christmas

Article published at: Nov 18, 2020 Article author: Lumi
Christmas items
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Christmas items
It's that time of the year when we gather together to eat, drink, exchange presents, play our favorite games, chat and have a great time with the family.🍾 This is also the time when we get our much-awaited Christmas bonuses and 13th-month pay! Woohoo! Aren't you excited?!

Even though we are still under a very rough time, we are still very blessed to have our family around, gifts and food to share, a place wherein we can have a small get together and a quick catch-up, and a mobile phone and a computer which we can use to reach our loved ones that we cannot physically meet in-person at the moment.

Technology has really caught up and somehow provided us with several solutions that opened opportunities for us to get going with our lives. We can now enjoy the inventions that took years in development for us to use and take advantage of.

Don't you just feel privileged? Imagine living in the world we are in now 30 years prior, not having a mobile phone and internet in our pockets or even an efficient delivery service. At a push of a button, you can now easily shop from your favorite stores and get what you want and need in an instant wherever you are!

All of these magnificent things are created by man, however, we've also "unconsciously" created considerably high volumes of trash. Trash that all too often we do not dispose of properly which affects the way the world is acting right now; uncontrollable floods, landslides, contaminated water, and infected produce. We have also been the ones contributing to the ill-effects of the world we are living in right now.

This is why we are giving you 3 Things to Consider this Christmas:

#1 - Consider The Person You Are Gifting To

Christmas card with Christmas items
When sending a gift to your special someone, the most important thing to consider is NOT the price of the gift that you are giving. It's the intention and gesture that you show in letting them know that they are special to you.

Tip: By leaving a personal note, you are not just giving them a material gift but also showing your love and affection for them. Learn more here.

#2 - Consider Our Less Fortunate Brothers and Sisters

red-colored hands formed in heart shape
Left and right tribulations.

People losing jobs, nothing to eat or drink, and a lot of uncertainties caused by the recent calamities like typhoon, volcano eruption, and more.

Tip: Stay informed of your local community initiatives in giving refuge or donations to those who were affected. No amount of donation is measured to be big or small. Remember that compounded donations go a long way and could bring happiness and save countless lives.
Learn more about the cause that we are supporting with Waves For Water here.

#3 - Consider Our Environment

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Plastics, Styrofoam, and other harmful and non-compostable items and wraps just literally add more ill-effects to our environment. Consider using recycled materials such as papers, boxes, or other decomposable materials when you are wrapping and preparing your gifts.

Be more conscious of the products and items you pick. Choose brands that make a conscious effort to NOT ANYMORE contribute to the massive non-compostable trash being produced every second. Explore what we mean by eco-friendly and sustainable packaging here.

Tip: Prevent from buying things out of impulse. Learn to re-use and recycle items that you purchased or received. Get creative and think of ways on how you can re-purpose some of the items you think of throwing away.

These baby steps go a long way if practised by all of us.

Happy Holidays!🎄 Cheers!🥂

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