LUMI Deeds For Environment

LUMI Deeds for Environment is driven by our burning passion to continuously develop products that are Environment-Friendly, Non-Toxic, Organic and/or at the very least can be re-used, re-purposed or recycled.

What if?

What if our planet turns dry and gray and we can never ever have it back because life has no second chances? It will surely be a sad, scary, and survival-like place to live!

Thus, a gentle reminder to take care of our environment and keep our planet healthy every day.

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle doesn't hurt

Start by recycling & refilling LUMIs!

Prevent the trash from piling up and keep it away from the landfills and the oceans.

By doing so, it will not only prevent shortage of energy and resources, but it will also help keep our environment from pollution and toxins that can negatively affect our health and wellbeing. 

Our Refill Program

We Reuse, Refill, Repurpose.


We limit our wastes and support the environment through limiting our use of plastics.

We use only organic ingredients and sustainable materials such as bubble wrap substitutes for our packaging.