3 Things You Should Know About Reed Diffusers

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a reed diffuser
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a reed diffuser
Commonly seen in hotels and spas, reed diffusers are another eco-friendly way to fill aroma in your space. Not only do they transform a space by exuding a luxurious and enticing atmosphere, but they also make it aesthetically pleasing. Its fragrance oils are made of renewable resources that are good for the health and the environment. The reed sticks are made out of either rattan or bamboo while the container is made up of glass which can complement any room. It is a more delicate and alternative approach to home fragrance but take note that not all reed diffusers are eco-friendly.

Evidently, they last longer than scented candles. Some can last for up to a month or two. More often than not, a lot of people are still not familiar with how to use them and how they work.

Here’s a breakdown of a few things you should know about reed diffusers:

1. Flame-Free and Smoke-Free
a reed diffuser on top of a table
Unfamiliarity with reed diffusers often leads people to think that they have to light up the reed sticks. DON'T! Reed sticks are different from incense sticks. Take note that reed diffusers are hazard-free and do not require electricity or flame in order to work.

They are very simple and safe to use. You will just need to pour a few ounces of fragrance oil into the glass vessel and insert the reed sticks. The reed sticks will then soak up and absorb the fragrance oil, therefore dispersing scent into the air without having to keep an eye on them. In contrast to scented candles, which have to be lit up in order to work, but they do yield the same results.

2. Disperses Constant Fragrance
a reed diffuser by the window
Unlike scented candles which only emit fragrance when they're lit, reed diffusers will constantly disperse scent into the air as long as there's fragrance oil in the vessel.

If there's no more fragrance oil left, you can simply have it refilled.

Ideally, reed diffusers are placed in entrances, foyers, bathrooms, or in certain areas where people frequently pass by.

3. Scent Intensity Can Be Adjusted
reed diffuser by Lumi Candles PH
If you have a larger space, there's a big chance that the fragrance of the reed diffuser will be too subtle for you. Certainly, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the scent throw.

I. By simply inserting more reed sticks. Although, you have to take note that the more reed sticks you add, the faster the oil is going to evaporate making it not last as expected. However, there's no need to worry about it as there are sustainable brands that offer easy refills of reed diffuser fragrance oils.

II. By flipping the reed sticks. You are creating a new wave of fragrance dispersion. You can do this twice a week or every day to keep them from clogging. The same logic applies as above, the more times you flip them, the faster the fragrance oil will also evaporate. Nevertheless, there are sustainable brands that offer replaceable reed sticks that are eco-friendly.

In conclusion, reed diffusers often live up to what's expected of them. If you are the type of person who's always busy at work. Consider this as a great alternative to freshen up your space. With the right scent and the least effort that you can do to supervise them, it's never been more fit for you.

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On our next blog, we will be covering aromatherapy, its benefits, and the things you don't know about it YET.

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