6 Benefits of Burning Scented Candles That You Need to Know

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aesthetic scented candles
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aesthetic scented candles
Candles have been a staple of households for ages and was originally used as a source of light. Even though they are no longer necessary for illumination due to electricity, the invention of scented candles has made them more desirable. Now, they bring so much more than just brightness to our homes. Not only do these help to create a cozy atmosphere, but they can also fill the space with a delightful fragrance, making it even more inviting! More than making your spaces smell better, studies have proven that there is a multitude of mental and physical benefits that can be found in candles, especially scented ones.

Scented candles may be a newcomer, but it is a trend that will stay for years to come! It is on the road to being a timeless piece in every person’s safe space, be it their homes to their bedrooms. This candle-buying guide can truly help you pick the candle appropriate for your lifestyle. Can scented candles truly improve your lifestyle and well-being? Read on to find out!

6 Benefits of Burning Scented Candles

I. Improves Mood

improve mood with scented candles
This is one of the most evident benefits of scented candles. Scents can definitely turn a bad day upside down! Floral and fruity scents, can trigger feelings of joy and lower cortisol (the stress hormone!) levels in the body.

II. Provides Deeper Sleep

better sleep because of scented candles
Scents have the property of sparking up certain physical reactions, and one is relaxation. Fresh Bamboo scented candles can definitely ease you into a deep sleep with their relaxing aroma, and their flickering will definitely soothe you with a night of deep sleep.

III. Makes Comforting Memories

remember a memory with scented candles
An interesting fact about scents is that they can unlock certain core memories in your life. Scents can trigger your brain to remember a comforting moment when you were enjoying your scented candle or even when you were having a romantic candlelit dinner. You can definitely use this to your advantage while working or studying!

IV. Creates Special Ambiance

special ambiance with scented candles
The best thing about scented candles is that they can definitely upgrade your living spaces. Depending on where you use your candles, you can make a space cozy, romantic, or even spooky! Brands like Lumi Candles create minimalist scented soy candles that can fit into any design and occasion!

V. Relieves Stress

relieve stress with scented candles
It is no surprise that certain scents like Lavender can relieve the tension felt in your mind. Certain scents can trigger your body to calm down. More than this, lighting up candles can give you an opportunity to stimulate your senses: the scent of the candle, the sound of the flickering flame, and the sight of the burning wick.

VI. Practice Mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness with scented candles
Just setting up your candle requires a certain amount of mindfulness and awareness. From lighting it up to placing it in the perfect corner, a daily ritual of lighting up your candle can bring you back to the present moment.

What Psychotherapists Say About Scented Candles

Many psychotherapists recommend scented candles for better mental functioning. According to these experts, scent throws from candles can help many to combat anxiety and relax the mind. The memories associated with certain fragrances can comfort you in times of distress. Scents like Lavender, Citronella, and Bloomery can help calm and improve your mood, especially in the middle of a stressful event.


  • Are scented candles good for mental health?
  • Scented candles are able to aid in your mental health development. It is still important to consult a professional for all mental health-related concerns.
  • Do scented candles help relax your mind?
  • Yes! Psychotherapists recommend certain scents to calm the anxious mind and help release unwanted tension.

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