7 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Make your Home Smell Like Christmas

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Make your Home Smell Like Christmas
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Can you feel the holiday spirit yet? Radio stations are playing Christmas songs, malls are displaying various Christmas decorations, and holiday deals are rolling in. Christmas is definitely here!

Make your Home Smell Like Christmas
It only makes sense that you are also preparing to get in on the holiday fun! Start preparing as early as now by putting up the Christmas tree and making your home smell like Christmas. The scent is the final touch to creating the perfect Christmas ambiance.

What is the “Christmas” smell?

What is the “Christmas” smell?
We all know what the “Christmas” smell is. If you don’t, a whiff of it will surely bring you back to times gone by! Christmas smells bring us back to simpler and warm times when we could rely on our loved ones to make the most of the holidays. They remind us of a time filled with laughter, good food, and bright lights all around. In this light, Christmas scents are often personalized to our own experiences.

We compiled a list of common scents enjoyed during the holidays to make your home smell like Christmas or rather, brighter days ahead!

1. Bake some cookies

Christmas cookies
Nothing smells Christmas like freshly baked homemade goods. When there are sweet treats in the oven, their smell wafts to every corner of the house! Bake some gingerbread cookies, brownies, or even everyone’s favorite apple pie.

2. Use a Reed Diffuser

LUMI reed diffuser
An easy fix and even doubles as an elegant home decoration. Reed Diffusers have the ability to seamlessly blend into the background of any room! This Merry Cinnamon Reed Diffuser hits all the holiday naughty and nice fragrances with its sweet and spicy notes.

3. Simmer a pot

holiday simmer pot
Holiday simmer pots are one of the most popular options to make your home smell like Christmas. The challenging part is finding all the ingredients, but after that, you just have to incorporate all of them together and let it simmer on the stove! There are tons of recipes online to help you get started.

4. Craft Pomander Balls

Pomander balls
Unfamiliar idea but definitely an innovative one! You can turn your oranges (or any citrus fruit for that matter) into a holiday decoration. All you need are oranges and cloves. Just poke holes into the orange and insert your whole cloves and you have a DIY scent diffuser that can double as a Christmas ornament.

5. Mix Up Some Essential Oil

LUMI electric diffuser
A more concentrated and surefire way to make your home smell like Christmas is by using the modern electric diffuser. Scents like Peppermint, Orange, and Pine are perfect to make your home smell like Christmas. Not to mention, they make perfect gifts for the holiday season.

6. Make Christmas Garland

Christmas garland
This is a vintage decoration that can also enliven up a space with its scent. Simply string up some dried fruits and hang them up. You can get creative and dust some glitter on top. Try this activity with your kids!

7. Light a Scented Candle

LUMI Merry Cinnamon scented soy candle
The most affordable and no-fail way to make your home smell like Christmas is by lighting up a scented candle. This option is affordable with tons of options in the market that are curated specifically to make you think of Christmas. Choose scents like Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Peppermint, and Seasonal scents like Snowflakes!

With the month of December rolling in, the holiday breeze is wafting in. Make the Christmas vibe from the outside come inside your home! The best way to make all your decorations come together is to seal it all in with your favorite Christmas scents.


How do I make my house smell like Christmas?
Christmas smells like how you remember your best Christmases when you were younger. We‘ve compiled simple ways to achieve this!

What are some good Christmas scents?
Baked goods such as gingerbread are a classic and well-loved fragrance for the holidays! You can also opt for scents like Cinnamon, Peppermint, Orange, and Pine.

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