9 Cozy Christmas Decor Ideas for your Living Room

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christmas tree with gifts
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The living room is the area at home that embraces family and guests and it just makes sense that it is the warmest and coziest room in the house! With the holiday season rolling in, the rare opportunity to decorate your home is right in front of you. Why not decorate your home to be the most inviting space possible?
christmas tree with gifts
We experience a sense of coziness when we feel that we are in a safe space. When we feel comfortable and supported, the warm sensation of coziness spreads from the middle of our bellies to our whole selves.

This is exactly the feeling we should share with the people we invite to our homes. What better way to do that than to decorate our spaces the coziest way possible? We've incorporated both decor and scent to holistically bring you the coziest Christmas decor ideas that you can incorporate into your living room.

White Christmas

white christmas-themed decoration
Imitate the snowy surroundings of wondrous places across the globe in your living room. Opting for white decorations gives the impression of freshness and the chance to start anew. You can opt for white tinsel to cover your tree, a white fur throw blanket, and white minimalist candles to accent your space.

Cabin In The Woods

cabin in the woods-themed christmas decoration
Nothing says Christmas more than the warmth brought on by a fireplace! A cabin in the woods theme integrates rustic elements such as wooden decorations, a darkly-colored tree, and yellow warm lights. You can even swap out the lights for a room lit by candles to achieve both the dark aesthetic and the glow from a fireplace! An elegant 3-Tier Cube Candle Holder will fit well with this rustic theme.

Feliz Navidad

feliz navidad-themed christmas decoration
You can't go wrong with traditional Christmas colors! Red and green are Christmas staples for a reason. Use a spread of reindeer-shaped candle holders on your table, some stockings on the countertop, and a wreath on the wall.

Happy Holidays

happy holidays-themed christmas decoration
Pastel decors allow certain things to stand out in your space, such as your Christmas Tree! Choose more neutral patterns and muted colors for your tablecloth, blankets, rugs, and anything that will cover a large space. This will allow your tabletop decorations like scented candles, plates, bouquets, and centerpieces to stand out!

Jingle Bell Rock

jingle bell rock-themed christmas decoration
A surprising choice, gold and silver accents can give your living room the touch of class it needs! Adding in classic decor pieces such as a nordic geometric candle holder in gold will definitely fit into this theme. Silver or gold Christmas balls, snowflake decoration hangers, and a silver tree rug will make your Christmas tree a marvel to look at. A bit of sparkle never hurt anyone (wink!)

Candy Cane Wonderland

candy cane wonderland-themed christmas decoration
Christmas is meant to be a wondrous occasion, especially for little children! Make your decorations kid-friendly and inviting for guests of all ages. You can put candy cane swirl candies in a clear jar for easy countertop decoration! Light up a Peppermint scented soy candle to complement your candy wonderland theme with a minty-fresh aroma. Opt for plush accents like stuffed toys and a fluffy bean bag.

Naughty List

naughty list-themed christmas decoration
Who said Christmas is about playing it safe? Coziness is whatever reminds you of home and your safe spaces! For a more modern twist on your decorations, why not decorate with colors like pink and yellow? Choose a tree of a different color or even switch up the Christmas balls for bright neon ones. For more subtle pops of colors, get Christmas accents like nutcrackers and figurines in different colors! Place a sleek electric scent diffuser for a modern way to spice up your space.

O’ Holy Night

o' holy night-themed christmas decoration
Minimalist Christmas decorations can be just as cozy as maximalist ones. Minimalistic decor can help you focus on what truly matters – the people you invite into your home! They also allow you to draw the focus on centerpieces such as an elaborate wreath, tree, or anything you like. Putting effortless clean pieces like a black nordic candle holder or a simple reed diffuser is a great touch to elevate your minimalist space.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

rockin' around the christmas tree-themed christmas decoration
What’s Christmas without a tree? The Christmas Tree represents everything we love about the holidays and it’s the first thing people will notice when they walk in! Make your tree stand out by making sure it’s well-lit. Use sparkly accents or even stuffed figures rather than the usual Christmas balls. For the top of the tree, you can opt for a traditional star, an angel, or even a sign that says “Ho Ho Ho!”.

The Perfect Christmas Accessory for ANY theme

You can decide whatever Christmas decor will make you feel the coziest and most at home. Aside from having decor that is visually pleasing, you can add music and aromas to your space to achieve a wholesome ambiance. Play some cozy Christmas classics and light up some holiday scented candles!

LUMI Christmas Scented Candles
Lumi Candles PH offers Christmas scented candles like Merry Cinnamon, Snowflakes, Peppermint, and Gingerbread! Find all these scents and more on the website to achieve the coziest Christmas decor ideas for any living room!


How can I make my living room cozy for Christmas?
To make something cozy is to make something feel familiar and safe. At the end of the day, it depends on your preferences! We would suggest keeping the temperature cool and the scents warm. Use scents like Cinnamon to create a warming feeling and candle-lit set-ups for a cozier vibe overall.

How can I decorate my living room for Christmas?
Choose home decorations that enhance your already existing background. If your house has traditionally blue walls, it might be a better idea to opt for white decorations rather than green ones! Experiment and try to figure out which colors enhance your space and which decorative pieces you would like your guests to focus on when they enter your home.

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