The Best Scented Candles For A Perfect Wedding

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groom putting the wedding ring on his bride's ring finger
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Did you know that we are in the middle of the most popular wedding months? If you are planning to get married soon or planning a wedding for someone else, the right scented candle might just be the missing piece to planning the perfect wedding.

groom putting the wedding ring on his bride's ring finger

Choosing the Scent of the Wedding

Pinpointing the perfect scent to compliment the theme of your wedding is key to the type of scented candle you should purchase.

Before you go candle shopping, think about the decorations you’ll have. Does your setting call for a lot of flowers? Maybe a floral fragrance is a way to go!

Are you aiming for a modern minimalist wedding? Then a cleaner and simpler fragrance would complement the visuals better.

table set for wedding reception
The best scent for the wedding you are planning is the one that highlights and elevates your setting with the right fragrance and subtle light.

Best Scented Candles for Weddings

We have compiled a list of the best and most popular scents for weddings of any theme!

1. Lumi Candles PH: Amber Love

A very romantic and warm with a sweet scent throw, the Amber Love scented soy candle is dark and alluring, perfect for a very glamorous and elegant wedding theme.

LUMI Amber Love 250ml scented soy candle

2. Carroll & Chan: Ginger Lily

A popular scent for the beeswax-candle brand, Ginger Lily from Carroll & Chan is a delicate floral scent that is popular for its nuanced fragrance. A more affordable and local option is Lumi Candles PH's scented soy candle called, Green Tea, which evokes the same invigorating subtle garden scent.

Carroll & Chan Ginger Lily beeswax candle

3. Stone Candles: Smells Like The Beach

Everyone dreams of having a beach wedding at some point in their lives. Imitate that chill, relaxing, intimate vibe of going on a beach trip with your loved ones on your special day with Stone Candles' Coconut Wax Candle with base notes like coconut and vanilla. Coco Beach by Lumi Candles PH is an affordable local scented soy candle with the same fresh and sweet fragrance.

Stone coco scented candle

4. Jo Malone: Orange Blossom

The popular fragrance brand is known mostly for its perfumes, but did you know it also had a candle line? The Orange Blossom is considered a wedding staple for a citrusy and invigorating ceremony. A good alternative that won't hurt the bank is Lumi Candles PH's Bloomery scented soy candle. It is a similar floral fragrance that will enliven any space it's lit. Reminisce of days of spring with this one!

Jo Malone Orange Blossom scented candle

5. Lumi Candles PH: Evergreen Shrub

Simple, straightforward, and clean. The crowd-favorite Evergreen Shrub is subtle and creates an environment of ease and comfort. Perfect for weddings that have bright clean designs!

LUMI Evergreen Shrub 250ml scented soy candle
Don’t let a limited budget affect your decision to integrate a scented candle into your design. Local brands like Lumi Candles PH offer affordable luxury scented soy candles for every occasion and if you are in the market to buy a scented candle, check out our candle buying guide to help you choose. If you wonder why soy is a favored option, read our blog on it here!

Scented Candles as Wedding Favors

Scented Candles are great wedding souvenirs to let all your loved ones remember that they were part of a very momentous occasion in your life.

Scents and fragrances have a way to transport us to a moment in our lives when these were most prominent.

Lumi Candles PH custom packaging
Don't waste your chance of letting all your guests remember your special moment whenever they light up candles with your name on them! Lumi Candles PH, on the other hand, offers fully customizable scented soy candles at affordable prices.

Lumi Candles PH custom packaging for different occasions

Common Questions

How many scented candles are needed at a wedding?
  • It really depends on the size of your space! A typical living room would require about 3 candles to fill with the scent.
  • Are scented candles good as wedding souvenirs?
  • Scented Candles are great wedding favors because their scent will trigger memories of your special day. In addition to this, they are a gift that will definitely last and fit any person!
  • How do I decorate with soy candles?
  • You could light each guest table with a soy candle for a warm and cozy ambiance or even light your way to the altar. The possibilities are endless!

  • For more information about Lumi Candles PH and its products, feel free to go to the website and check out the full collection.

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