Candle Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Candle

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LUMI Vanilla 100ml scented soy candle
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This is the ultimate candle buying guidee candle buying guide for all newbie candle buyers!

LUMI Vanilla 100ml scented soy candle
Trying to buy your first candle but not really sure what type of candle is right for you? The truth is not all candles are created equal. Different properties such as wax, fragrance, wick, and scents vary among candle brands.

These factors definitely influence the candle you will purchase. There are multiple benefits of using a candle which makes choosing the RIGHT candle even more important. If you’re still unsure how to pick the perfect candle for your needs, read further to know more about what you should consider when buying your first candle.

Things to Consider when Buying Candles

Scented or Unscented

Scented and Unscented candles are practically the same in terms of composition, the only difference is the addition of fragrance. Some people prefer the unscented ones because the lack of fragrance helps people focus more on the ambiance created by the candle and prevent it from possibly clashing with other scents in the air.

On the other hand, scented candles are often the more popular choice. It not only brings in the same relaxing atmosphere found in unscented candles, but its scents can also promote positive and uplifting emotions. Fragrances have a profound effect on our mindsets. Scroll to the end of the article to see what different scents can help you relax or even improve productivity!

candle wax

Candle Wax

Paraffin Wax

The most common choice of wax is paraffin wax candles because these are the most affordable of all popular options. Paraffin wax is a synthetic by-product of the oil industry and is often made of petroleum, coal, or shale. It releases fragrances quicker and stronger compared to other candles, but they can also be toxic if burned for a long period of time.


Beeswax, on the other hand, comes from its namesake: bees! Bees create this type of wax to store honey yet it can also be discarded by the hive. Due to its nature, beeswax has a naturally sweet aroma. It is organic, clean, and (certain types) even food safe! The only downside is it comes at quite a hefty price tag.

Soy wax

Soy wax is the great in-between. Not only is it organic, vegan, and environmentally friendly, but it is also more affordable than beeswax. Soy Candles can hold fragrances extremely well and burn slower and cleaner than most other options.

LUMI scented soy candles

Candle Size and Wick Type

Candle Size affects how long the candle will burn. Large candles (over 12 ounces) will burn for about five to eight hours per ounce while smaller candles (under 12 ounces) are expected to burn 4-7 hours per ounce.

The candle size should match the size of the room you are placing it in to ensure better scent distribution. There are a lot of factors to determine this, but generally, only 1 candle should be lighted within a 10-square foot area.

Wicks are like fuel pumps that deliver the candle wax to the flame and keep it burning for hours on end. Choosing the right wick will ensure a good working candle with a clean burn (no soot!)

The most environmentally-friendly types of wicks are wooden and cotton wicks. Both are very good choices and it comes down to personal preferences. Wooden wicks give off a soft crackling sound as it burns, while cotton wicks are fuss-free and easy to relight.

Ultimate Scent Guide

Here are the best candle scents for every situation that will surely light up your life!

woman doing yoga with candles lit

Best Scents for Relaxation

1. Vetiver

One of those more popular scents out there! Vetiver has a deep scent that people often associate with the smell of freshly-cut grass. Vetiver is found in earthy scents such as Fresh Bamboo which transports you to a relaxing day spent in the great outdoors.

2. Cinnamon

This scent is a holiday staple because of its distinctive spicy fragrance. Cinnamon is found in scented soy candles like Citronella and has multiple benefits such as stress relief and muscle relief after a long day out.

3. Jasmine

Jasmine is a popular floral scent that has been revered for years for its relaxation properties. It is a base ingredient in our Daylight Breeze scented soy candle (LUMI) and is known to alleviate stress and anxiety.

LUMI Lavender scented soy candle lit up in a room

Best Scents for Sleep

1. Lavender

No one can go wrong with good old Lavender! Lavender is one of (if not the most!) popular scents to promote sleep. Research has shown that Lavender scent actually promotes deeper and more relaxing sleep for everyone!

2. Vanilla

One of the milder scents, vanilla doesn’t get enough credit for its incredible relaxation properties! Vanilla is subtle and blends easily with any environment you light it in. It is a comforting scent that brings a sense of peace wherever it goes.

3. Rose

Surprising, but definitely works! The smell of roses has proven to lower heart rate and even has anti-depressant properties. Its ability to calm the nerves is often the reason why Rose is associated with sleep benefits.

a macbook, notebook, and a scented candle

Best Scents for Focus

1. Coffee

There is nothing like a cup of coffee to jumpstart your day! Coffee Brew scents have proven to enhance cognitive functions, perk you up, and improve memory.

2. Olive

Fresh olive scents found in Evergreen Shrub awaken the senses and promote a great deal of concentration in one’s surroundings. Its soothing atmosphere boosts productivity and helps reduce headaches or migraines.

3. Peppermint

A popular energizer, Peppermint’s minty cool aroma invigorates the mind. It triggers you to wake up, pay attention, and concentrate on the task at hand with a clear mind.

a woman relaxing in the bath tub with candles lit

Best Scents for Bathroom

1. Tropical

To transport you back to the beach! The smell of coconuts will surely elevate your bathroom while eliminating any other unwanted odors. Try Coco Beach to achieve that vacation-at-home vibe we all crave!

2. Clean

The smell of milk is a simple sweet smell that can bring a touch of class to any bathroom. Soothing and subtle, Milky smells like your favorite baby powder and will keep your space smelling clean.

3. Florals

A sweet scent enough to draw in and make others curious. Our scented soy candle, Bloomery, has a whole bouquet under its belt sure to impress guests.


What are other things to consider when buying a candle?

  • Its impact on the environment! With the climate emergency going on, it's important to ensure that your product does not harm the environment.
  • What other factors affect the burn time of a candle?

  • Air circulation in the area where you place the candle in
  • The temperature of the environment
  • Amount of oxygen in the environment

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