Candle Warmer: What it is and How it works

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Candle Warmer: What it is and How it works
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If you’ve been a scented candle connoisseur for a long time now, you might want to start upping your game. As elegant as scented soy candles are by themselves, candle accessories can always add a new dimension and effect to your space. A popular candle accessory choice is the humble candle warmer or wax melter as some call it.

But what exactly is a candle warmer and why is it an essential home decorating accessory?

Candle Warmer: What it is and How it works

What is a Candle Warmer?

Candle warmers are electronic devices that melt candle wax to diffuse the scent into the open air. They can do this without the need for an open flame like how you would a traditional scented candle.

How does a Candle Warmer work?

Since this candle accessory is electronic, you will need to plug it into an outlet in order to work. As you switch it on, the heat of the candle warmer’s light warms up and melts the candle in a subtle way.

Benefits of Using a Candle Warmer

Although quite similar, there are many reasons why some prefer to use candle warmers over traditional candle-burning wicks.

Benefits of Using a Candle Warmer
  • Candle Warmers have no soot or residue! Soy wax candles will give you the cleanest burn compared to other wax types, but with a candle warmer, you can say goodbye to any sort of residue from your candle.
  • Candle Warmers are much more wax-efficient. Whereas a candle's flame would cause an instant hot temperature point, a candle warmer is much more subtle. Its strength is controllable and can burn your candle wax slower than usual.
  • Candle Warmers do not require an open flame. Lighting something up can be dangerous. When left alone, it could cause mayhem at home. Candle Warmers completely mitigate this concern because of their flame-free properties.
  • The scent throw of a Candle Warmer is much stronger than the traditional method. Because the wax burns slower than usual, the “scent throw” (or how strong the scent spreads) is stronger. The slow burning allows more of the scent to linger and build up in an enclosed area.
  • Candle warmers cause a more even wax pool. Although not completely avoidable, a candle warmer solves the age-old scented candle question: how do I prevent my candle from tunneling? Because the heat is evenly distributed, there is an even wax pool that can be created from the beginning.

  • Disadvantages of Using a Candle Warmer

    It’s not all rainbows and butterflies with a Candle Warmer. As much as it has its advantages, there are also certain disadvantages to owning a candle warmer.

    Using a Candle Warmer
  • Candle Warmers are much more expensive. Sure, there are some cheaper options in the market, but that doesn’t compensate for the electricity bill of having to plug the accessory in whenever you use it.
  • They lack the “candle feel”. The reason many people light candles is not just for the scent, but the calming effect of looking at a dancing flame of a burning candle, not to mention the slight crackle of the wick as it is aflame.

  • Safety Warnings/Precautions

    Opting for a candle warmer with good quality is the safest option. Along with this, the habit of unplugging it when not in use is important to save electricity and avoid any unwanted accidents.

    What Candle Warmer to choose?

    Best Candle Warmer For Your Home
    There are tons of options in the market, just one of which is Lumi Candles PH's quality candle warmers which are known for their simple and minimalistic design. There is also a selection of candle warmer bundles for the holiday season. Choose a candle warmer that will not only liven up your living space but one that is also made of quality materials for your safety and peace.


  • Do candles last longer with a candle warmer?
  • Because an even pool of wax can be formed whenever you light up your candle warmer, it is essentially more efficient than traditionally burning candles.
  • Do candle warmers use a lot of electricity?
  • It depends on your own usage. The more hours you use it or keep it on, the more expensive it will be but they generally do not cost THAT much.
  • How long can you leave on a candle warmer?
  • Similar to traditional candles, 2-4 hours is more than enough to spread the candle scent in your space. Candle Warmers burn slower with a stronger strength throw, so it is up to you! Just remember that keeping it on the whole night could be a safety hazard and an electricity bill monster! Let us still remember our mission as humans in saving Mother Earth in this cases.

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