How to Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh All the Time

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lady driving a car
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Never let your car smell unpleasant ever again with these simple tips!
lady driving a car
Let’s admit it, sometimes we forget to take care of our cars especially if we only use them for a few hours a day. But if we add up the time driving to and from work and time spent in traffic, we actually spend more time in the car than we think! The thing is, trash and dirt can build up pretty quickly in that span of time. Before we know it, our cars give off an unpleasant smell.

There's nothing like the fresh smell of a new car! Keep that scent for longer with these simple hacks that will teach you how to keep your car smelling fresh.

Ways to Keep Car Smelling Fresh All the Time

1. Throw your trash out

lady driving with food on her lap
The best way to avoid unwanted scents from entering your car is to regularly make sure you don’t leave any food scraps behind. Make sure to take out all the scraps before you leave the car for the night so it doesn’t leave a lingering odor.

2. Clean the air vents

car air vents
When your air vents get dirty, the air that enters your car will ultimately smell bad too, which is unhealthy! Make sure to tackle the vents inside your car then the upper and lower vents. You can also check the cabin air filter and drain the A/C overflow.

3. Shake out your floor mats

car floor mat
Small scraps and leftovers may fall to the floor and the accumulation of scrap on the mat may cause a bad odor. At least once a week, ensure that you shake out your floor mats so that trash and dirt won’t accumulate in your car.

4. Vacuum your car interiors regularly

a person vacuuming a car's front seat
Keeping your car clean starts with the habit of regularly vacuuming its interiors. Vacuuming is the surest way that all nooks and crannies are free from crumbs and unseen dirt that may be causing the odor.

5. Use Coffee beans

coffee beans
A D.I.Y solution to keep your car smelling fresh is to use fresh coffee beans. The caffeine in coffee beans increases their ability to absorb odors. Place these coffee beans in a small mesh bag or even a clean sock, leave them for a few hours and they will absorb bad odor in your car.

6. Melt your Scented Candles

scented candle
Did you know that you can melt a scented candle with the power of the sun? You can put your scented candle in a pepper shaker and let it melt under the sun. This allows the scent to exude through the holes—an easy fix to your fragrance problem. A small 100mL scented candle will do the trick!

7. Sprinkle some Baking Soda

baking soda
For the especially tougher smells, baking soda ought to do the trick. Simply sprinkle some baking soda on the seats, mats, and floors of your car then leave it there for a few hours. After some time, just vacuum the baking soda off, and voila!

8. Use a Car Freshener

LUMI Marine Squash Car Freshener
The most convenient and foolproof way to keep your car smelling fresh is through car fresheners. We would suggest using an organic car freshener to avoid toxic chemicals that could give you unwanted headaches. An example would be LUMI Car Freshener which is an all-organic with no harmful chemicals, guaranteed to give you comfortable rides!

What’s the Best Car Freshener Choice?

LUMI Car Fresheners
Although there are a lot of car fresheners in the market, we would suggest getting a car freshener that does not contain any alcohol or harmful chemicals to avoid dizziness or headaches that cause nausea. An organic long-lasting car freshener, like a LUMI Car Freshener, would be the best handy buddy companion for your long-haul drives and endless traffic.


What’s a good car freshener to keep the car smelling fresh?
  • It all boils down to preference, but we would suggest getting one without any chemicals to avoid headaches, allergies, or worse. A good option is the LUMI Car Fresheners by Lumi Candles PH

  • What absorbs odor in a car?
  • Some people opt for baking soda or even charcoal to absorb unwanted smells from the car. Car Fresheners can be added to mask the scent or even replace the previously bad scent with a pleasant one.

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