Practical and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Lifestyle

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Christmas gift boxes
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Christmas gift boxes
A few days left before Christmas! Have you chosen gifts for your loved ones yet? If you haven't, this list of Christmas gifts ideas which will save you tons of time figuring out what practical and unique choices are perfect to give as gifts to your loved ones, and/or executive colleagues will come in handy. You can thank us later! 😉

For your friends who work big time, or someone who usually stays at the wee hours of night in the office, gift them something that can help relax their mind:

The trick is to prepare something that will make them feel like they are having their best time relaxing in a spa or a 5-star hotel. It will for sure make them always remember you when they use it.

Lumi Candles PH's reed diffuser on top of a roundtable
Since COVID-19, we were all able to experience how working from home feels like. For some, it is as tiring as going to the physical office everyday; for some it's been unproductive, while for some it has been what they always wanted to experience at work.

For your friends or loved ones who work at home, gift them something that will keep their focus and boost their productivity like:

Our tip is to choose something that will motivate them to have their agenda finished for the day.

a macbook, notedbook, and a scented soy candle
Vaccinated or not, we can't really still go out and travel to our favorite places. If you notice, a lot of people start to browse on their phones and take their pre-covid 19 memories and post on social media saying they are "physically here, but mentally there".

For your frequent traveler friends and family or someone who’s always on-the-go, gift them something that can transform the vibe at their homes and make them feel like they are actually having a vacation at their dream destinations. Here's what we can recommend as gifts:

Coco Beach scented soy candle by Lumi Candles PH
Our tip is to choose a gift that actually provides them a sense of familiarity, like going to the beach and drinking a coconut juice!
coconut juice
For your laidback friends or loved ones who call themselves “homebody”, gift them the hygge-iest type of living. We recommend the ff. as practical gifts:

The trick is to choose something that will make them feel cozy and comfortable. This will give them a sense of peace and calm vibe as they get themselves to sleep.

a cat sleeping
Last but not least, for your Yulephile friends and family or someone who ultimately appreciates Christmas! They will for sure love something that has a touch of the holiday season! Gift them in-season collections like:

The trick is to make them feel like it's Christmas all year-round.
Gingerbread scented soy candle by Lumi Candles PH
Of all these gift options on your side, let us remember that the true spirit of Christmas is about giving and sharing, whether it be a physical gift or an act of love or just simply spending quality time with your loved ones, what's important is you do appreciate and remember them.

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