Reed Diffusers or Electric Oil Diffusers?

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If you're still undecided and debating with yourself on whether to get a Reed Diffuser or an Electric one, this blog might just help you rest the debate. Electric Oil Diffusers spread the fragrance by generating heat and spreading vapor through electricity while Reed Diffusers spread fragrance through reed sticks using the natural airflow you have at a certain area.

a shelf with books and reed diffuser on top
How does a Reed Diffuser Work?
A Reed Diffuser works by placing it in a well-ventilated area to constantly emit fragrance into the air. Reed Diffusers are known to last for about a month to 1.5 months.

Reed Diffuser: Pros

  • Reed Diffusers are low-maintenance and simple to use, all you need is three things: the reed sticks, the bottle, and its fragrance oil.
  • The mere simplicity of not having to switch it on and consume electricity sets it apart making it cost-efficient, and hassle-free.
  • Oh, and it lasts longer!
  • Reed Diffuser: Cons
  • Since Reed Diffusers only rely on constant airflow it becomes hard for it to diffuse its fragrance whenever there is insufficient airflow or if the area it covers is too big.
  • Lack of ability to control how it diffuses its fragrance.
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    How does an Electric Oil Diffuser work?
    In contrast, from the name itself, Electric Oil Diffusers use electricity to diffuse their fragrance. It's available in several types such as; Nebulizing Diffuser, where it uses pressurized air, Humidifying Diffuser, where the fragrance oil is diluted in water, and Heat Diffuser where electric heat is used to evaporate the oil into the air.

    Electric Oil Diffusers: Pros
  • Electric Oil Diffusers have an on and off button to control when you want the fragrance to start spreading.
  • Electric Oil Diffusers also have a switch to control the intensity of the fragrance it diffuses and a timer to control the duration of how long it diffuses.
  • Electric Oil Diffusers offer you much more control overall as compared to Reed Diffuser.
  • Electric Oil Diffuser: Cons
  • Electric Oil Diffusers are more expensive than Reed Diffusers.
  • They consume electricity and so you spend double by buying the equipment, the oil and the electricity it needs to work.
  • The fragrance does not last long and you have to constantly refill and monitor usage.

  • There is no doubt that both Reed Diffusers and Electric Oil Diffusers deliver their own unique sets of benefits: Electric Oil Diffusers provide you with the ability to control fragrance diffusion, while Reed Diffusers provide you with ease of not having to mind it for a long period of time and saves you both money and energy.

    In essence, it all boils down to being able to save more while being able to reap the same benefits of having a cozy place with a great fragrance all day long.

    Reducing the use of electricity means less carbon footprint and fewer generated heat gasses that harm our planet. Our favor stands in inspiring each of us to live sustainably and be more environmentally conscious.

    Here's a quote from Sydney Smith that says, "It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little. Do what you can."

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    If you are convinced to buy reed diffusers, you can check out our Reed Diffuser collection and bundles.

    In our next blog, we will be covering a few important things that you should know about reed diffusers.

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