The Aroma Architect: The Art of Venue Fragrancing for Special Occasions

Article published at: Mar 26, 2024 Article author: Meagan Isabel Rafael Article tag: event styling
The Aroma Architect: The Art of Venue Fragrancing for Special Occasions - Lumi Candles PH
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Step into a world where ambiance is not only seen and heard but also delicately woven into the very fabric of scent—a world introduced by the pioneering service of Lumi Candles PH. As the trailblazers of venue fragrancing on a global scale, Lumi Candles is redefining the landscape of event experiences by introducing an innovative service that goes beyond traditional event planning. This blog serves as your exclusive pass into the aromatic realm curated by Lumi Candles, where fragrances become an integral part of crafting unforgettable moments.

The olfactory sense, often overlooked in the planning process, possesses a unique ability to forge emotional connections and trigger memories. Whether it's a wedding, a corporate gathering, or an intimate social soirée, the strategic integration of fragrance has become a pivotal aspect of event design. A carefully chosen scent can set the tone, create a sense of harmony, and enhance the overall experience for guests. 

Inspiring Examples of Successful Venue Fragrancing Implementations

Imagine walking into a venue, and instantly, the air is imbued with a bespoke scent that captures the essence of the occasion. Lumi Candles PH is at the forefront of this sensory revolution, offering a groundbreaking service that elevates events through carefully curated fragrances. In this blog, we embark on an exploration of venue fragrancing, unveiling how Lumi Candles has harnessed the power of scents to enhance the atmosphere of weddings, corporate events, and social gatherings. From the meticulous selection of signature scents to the art of aroma customization, join us on a journey where Lumi Candles transforms ordinary events into extraordinary sensory experiences, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of attendees.

1. Janeena Chan and Morgan Say Wedding

TV and events host Janeena Chan and Engineer Morgan Say's Christmas-themed wedding was an enchanting blend of timeless elegance and festive charm, embodying the magic of the holiday season. Adorned with red-and-white Christmas ornaments, vibrant flowers, and uniquely styled plates, the venue transformed into a winter wonderland of Christmas romance. The reception, a feast for the senses, welcomed guests with the inviting aroma of Lumi Candles' Merry Cinnamon, enhancing the atmosphere through innovative venue fragrancing. This crafted an immersive experience that will surely linger in the hearts and memories of all attendees.

2. Francis Libiran 25th Sterling

World renowned fashion designer Francis Libiran's 25th Anniversary Gala, "Sterling," celebrated a quarter-century of the designer's iconic influence on the fashion world with timeless elegance. The event, a showcase of innovative design, saw the venue transform into a sophisticated masterpiece, further enhanced by the subtle touch of venue fragrancing. Lumi Candles' carefully curated scents, reflecting opulence and refinement, added a multi-sensory layer to the celebration, subtly wafting through the air and elevating the overall atmosphere. This thoughtful integration of fragrance transformed the gala into a sensory experience, encapsulating both the visual allure of fashion and the aromatic symphony that defined the essence of the evening. The scent used for this event was custom made for Francis Libiran, a fusion of sandalwood, leather, and amber, dubbed as the "Scent of Success."


3. Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda Wedding

TV host Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda's Filipiniana-themed wedding reception was a celebration that seamlessly blended cultural richness with personal elegance. The venue radiated the timeless charm of Filipino heritage, adorned with traditional elements and vibrant colors. Notably, it achieved an elevated ambiance through the implementation of venue fragrancing. Lumi Candles' carefully curated scents, complementing the Filipiniana theme, added a distinct olfactory layer, creating an immersive experience for guests. As the fragrance delicately filled the air, it harmonized with the visual splendor, ensuring that Robi and Maiqui's wedding reception became a truly sensorial celebration, where the essence of Filipino culture was delicately woven into every facet of the event. The scent used in this wedding is called "Scent of Love and Devotion," a blend of fresh, citrus, and powdery notes formulated to be the signature smell of the event.


4. Teddy Manuel Masterclass

Famous florist and event stylist Teddy Manuel's Masterclass was an unparalleled experience in event design, offering a rare insight into the creative genius of one of the industry's foremost experts. Attendees were treated to a masterful demonstration of Teddy's signature style, characterized by a harmonious blend of opulence and innovation. Beside Teddy Manuel in the photo is Rich, the founder and CEO of Lumi Candles PH. What made this masterclass exceptional was the innovative use of venue fragrancing by Lumi Candles, introducing an extra layer of sensory allure to the learning experience. Our signature scent Morning Flower, engaging participants on an olfactory level, transformed the atmosphere into an unforgettable and multi-sensory exploration of event design under the guidance of Teddy Manuel.


5. Marry Me At Marriott

The grandest wedding fashion show "Marry Me at Marriott" emerged as a pinnacle of exquisite matrimonial celebrations, setting a new standard for luxury weddings. Hosted within the elegant confines of Marriott's opulent venue, the event was a seamless fusion of romance and sophistication. What distinguished this affair was the meticulous integration of venue fragrancing, a touch that elevated the overall experience. Morning Flower, carefully curated by Lumi Candles, not only complemented the lavish surroundings but also introduced an immersive olfactory layer to the celebration.



  • What is venue fragrancing?

    • It is a service proudly pioneered by Lumi Candles PH, incorporating fragrance in your event to make it a memorable and multi-sensory experience that will leave lasting impressions and evoke emotions among your guests.

  • Is the whole event venue covered by the fragrance?

    • Yes! Alternatively, you have the choice to designate specific areas or corners of the venue where you desire the scent to linger. For more information, please reach out to us via email at

  • How long does it take for the scent to take effect?

    • The scent may become noticeable within a span of 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of the venue. 
  • How do we avail this service?

For more information about Lumi Candles PH and home decorating fragrances and accessories, feel free to visit the website and check out the full collection.

Do you have a question or an inquiry about transforming your space into a fragranced haven? Send us an email anytime at, or book an Interior Design Consultation with our expert team of designers here.

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