• Events & Theme Association

    Scent creates powerful memories or brand associations, imbuing a sense of "exclusivity" for a particular event.

  • Multi-sensory Experience

    We incorporate a specific scent into the venue of a special occasion to complete it with a multi-sensory experience.

  • Unique & Personalized

    We formulate original blend of scents that are personalized according to the client's preferences or event's theme.

Transform Ordinary Events Into Multi-Sensory Memories

Recommended for ALL Kinds of Special Occasions to Complete The Experience

Venue Fragrancing features our own LUMI Fragrance Machines and Products to enhance the ambiance and complement a certain occasion or venue. 

This involves using various scent delivery systems, such as diffusers or sprays, to fill the air with a pleasant scent or aroma throughout the whole space.

Francis Libiran's 25th Sterling Anniversary


Janeena Chan & Morgan Say Wedding

The Scent of "Christmas"

Our Clients' Wedding

The Scent of "Blooms"

Robi Domingo & Maiqui Pineda Wedding


Venue Fragrancing is a service proudly pioneered by Lumi Candles PH in June 2023, incorporating scents in events to complete the experience in a multi-sensory approach that leave lasting impressions among guests.

Yes! The essence of Venue Fragrancing service lies in enhancing the event experience by engaging the sense of smell. This is achieved by infusing a specific scent throughout the entire venue of the event.

Alternatively, you have the choice to designate specific areas or corners of the venue where you desire the scent to linger.

The scent may become noticeable within a span of 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of the venue. 

You may send an inquiry for your event to our email at cozy@lumicandlesph.com for more details.