8 Best Scented Candles for Studying

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How's school going for you so far? Have you been the productive student that you committed to being at the beginning of the academic year or do you already miss the freedom of summer? Studying is DEFINITELY no joke and with all the distractions online, staying focused on the lesson at hand can be difficult.

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When you need a little push to get all your schoolwork done, it means your brain needs a little stimulation! This is what certain scents and fragrances do for you. Studies have shown that specific scents can trigger your brain to become more productive, concentrated, and focused.

A Harvard study showed that scents go directly to the regions connected with emotion and memory. Specific scents spark up nostalgic thoughts and key moments and may even spark feelings like invigoration. When your brain is considered to focus whenever it smells a certain fragrance, it triggers your entire body to turn on.

We have compiled a list of the best scented candles for studying that will push you to become the star student you’ve always wanted to be!

1. Peppermint Scented Soy Candles

LUMI peppermint scented soy candle
Peppermint has a cool minty scent that energizes. It is an invigorating scent that promotes concentration and lifts the spirit during stressful times. This is the perfect scent for the holiday season! Check out our own Peppermint scented candle.

A recent customer feedback from the Lumi Candles Shopee store:

"It smells really nice. Very minty with a hint of sweetness. Kind of reminded me of the smell of Ands Mint Chocolate." - Sophia K.

2. Coffee Scented Candles

LUMI coffee brew scented soy candle
Nothing like a cup of Joe to awaken your senses. If you are a regular coffee drinker, you’d know that fresh coffee's scent instantly perks you up. Coffee is a strong scent that is known to be connected to a sense of productivity and concentration. The best-selling Coffee Brew scented soy candle from Lumi Candles is the perfect equivalent to never-ending cups of freshly brewed coffee.

Recent customer feedback from the Lumi Candles Lazada store:

"I ordered it as a gift to a friend and my friend loved it! Ang ganda ng packapack, sobra, pang gift na tlga. Ang bango din sabi ng friend ko." - Eyp R.

3. Citrus Scented Candles

Citrusy scents are a household classic for raising one’s spirits! Mood-boosting and environment-lifting, fruity scents are often associated with good and sweet times that can help your study sessions get a little more fun. A similar scent is the Tropical Berries LUMI scented soy candle! Capture the sweetness and fruitiness of berries with this one.

Recent customer feedback from the Lumi Candles website:

"SUPER LOOOVE THIS BRAND. Caffe Latte and Fresh Bamboo are my OG scents. Pero now na-add na si Tropical Berries sa list. 💯 super love that it's local + they also campaign for helping the environment so 💯💯💯💯"💯-💯Aoi Bear

4. Cinnamon Scented Candles

LUMI merry cinnamon scented soy candle
It’s a sweet and spicy scent that reminds us of happier times. Cinnamon is truly a wonder to have with its distinct aroma and warming properties. Lumi Candles PH's seasonal scent, Merry Cinnamon, is bound to hit all the right notes.

Recent customer feedback from the Lumi Candles store:

"I loved every scented candle I ordered 😍 Plus the packaging is 💯💯 Will surely order more!" - Marian M

5. Jasmine Scented Candles

LUMI daylight breeze scented soy candle
Students know how stressful preparing for exams can be. The scent of Jasmine has healing properties and can reduce negative feelings from rising up. When things get a little too tough, lighting this one up is a great idea! The Daylight Breeze scented soy candle has Jasmine as one of its base scents to promote productive mornings.

Recent customer feedback from the Lumi Candles website:

"Love the simple and minimalist features, the long-lasting burn, the subtle, pleasant scents that fill my room, and the comfort of knowing my Lumis were made with care for the environment. Have been using Lumis for some time now, and lighting a Lumi has become part of my daily practice for habitual happiness 🌈" - Mahaely French-Salido

6. Vetiver Scented Candles

This scent has been proven to increase alertness and concentration. When you find yourself drifting away or spacing out during long study sessions, Vetiver is sure to make you feel more awake. A similar scent to imitate the freshness and cleanliness of freshly-cut grass is the Lumi scent, Fresh Bamboo.

Recent customer feedback from the Lumi Candles Lazada store:

"Superb packaging and the quality of the item. Thank yo seller" - Hazel D.

7. Eucalyptus Scented Candles

eucalyptus and a cup of coffee
Commonly known to treat headaches and clear the air, Eucalyptus can also aid one in a clearer idea of what they need to focus on. A similar scent with the same productivity-boosting effects is the Evergreen Shrub LUMI scented soy candle.

Recent customer feedback from the Lumi Candles Shopee store:

"I bought this scent before and I really love the scent and now I'm giving them as gifts."

8. Lavender Scented Candles

LUMI lavender scented soy candle
Hear us out here, studying is not all about clear thinking and immense focus, it is also about staying calm under extreme pressure. During the necessary downtimes after studying or the -in-between breaks, give your brain the rest it needs with anxiety-relieving scents like the Lavender scented soy candle!

Recent customer feedback from the Lumi Candles Shopee store:

"Ang bango ng candle... for sure will order again. God bless 🙏" - Shopee Review


Studying is a holistic experience that requires both increased awareness and deep decompression. To get into the coveted study “flow”, we must all find the balance between these two stages. At the end of the day, it is your preference of what scent you would like to accompany you during these study sessions. Let lighting up scented soy candles guide you toward more productive days!

If you are looking for a candle-buying guide to help you decide, look no further: Check out our ultimate guide!


Do scented candles really help in improving focus in studying?
  • It would depend on the scent but yes, there are certain scents that can help improve focus not just in studying but in general.
  • When is the best time to light scented candles to maximize improvement in focus?
  • It can take about an hour or two for there to be a melt pool in the scented soy candle. It is this melt pool that throws the scent and fills your space! Ensure that you light up your candle as you prep for the beginning of your study session.
  • Can I mix various scents together?
  • Yes! Especially with subtle scents like LUMIs, the mixing of scents won’t be too overwhelming. You can try various mixes like Milky and Green Tea for a powdery green tea latte and more!

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