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LUMI Scented soy Candles at 250 ML
Classic premium LUMI Scented Candles at 250 ML
850ml LUMI Candle with Merry Cinnamon Gingerbread Snowflakes 250ml soy candles by LUMI Candles PH
850ml LUMI Candle with 250ml soy candles by LUMI Candles PH
Green Tea Happy Sunshine 250ml soy candle on frosted glass and Vanilla Reed Diffuser by LUMI Candles PH
Morning Flower Fresh Bamboo Lavender 250 ml soy candle with Fresh bamboo Reed Diffuser by LUMI Candles PH
Linen Spray with 3 RG LUMIs
Linen Spray with 6 RG LUMIs
Fresh Bamboo Marine Squash New Car Leather Car Fresheners by LUMI Candles PH


Making a real impact with sustainable lifestyle practices 🌱 WE REUSE, REFILL & REPURPOSE.

All Lumi Candles are packaged in eco-friendly, sustainable materials, and alternatives to bubble wrap for a kinder approach for our planet.

When you light a Lumi Candle, you're creating a peaceful atmosphere in your space, investing in sustainability, and doing your part for the environment.